Tipsps & Tricks to
Save time (and have more fun) with online dating!

The best thing about dating websites is more people and more choices.
The worst thing about dating websites is all the hours you'll spend chatting or emailing
back and forth with so many people.
You don't want to be confined to your desk on a weekend, pounding out emails by the
dozen. Yet, you do want to write interesting and engaging emails, you want to contact
new singles and keep in touch.
Is there a way to be an active cyber-dater and actually have a life?
You bet there is, and it's easy! Just follow these proven tips:

1. Have an Email template:
Have a handy fill-in-the-blanks template which you can use to quickly write
exciting 'icebreaker' emails.
I know it sounds dishonest - about as dishonest as using a reminder service to
send flowers or having your Secretary book air tickets for your family
vacation…It's practical and convenient and it doesn't mean you don't care!
It's not possible for you to actually sound interesting in all your emails, especially
when you're writing to someone you've never met before. Besides, what if they
don't write back - all your efforts would be in vain!
Most people try to get over this problem by writing short emails, such as "Hi I'm
Mike, you're gorgeous, can we chat? I'm at" (Yawn!)
Chances are, Ms. Gorgeous has her mailbox flooded with emails exactly like
these and might forget or choose not to answer yours.
I personally feel that as long as your emails are honest and you care sincerely
about a person, it doesn't matter whether you write an email from scratch in 30
minutes or use a handy template that does the job in 3 minutes. It's a matter of
Have a few minutes to spare? Sit down now and write an email to that special
someone. Write about your life, your family, your dreams and aspirations, ask
questions that convey genuine interest and invite them to get in touch. Viola!
Your ice-breaker email is ready!
Now all you have to do is to personalize it with the recipient's name and work in
the details you know about them. Easy!

2. The Quick and Easy way to share photos
Attaching photos with your email can be a real pain in the neck!
You keep forgetting where you last saved them, maybe you have a lousy dial-up
connection which takes ages, or you travel a lot and you don't have your photos
on that computer, or if you use your mobile phone to send emails, you're
probably tearing your hair out at the very thought of it.
Relax! Many people upload their photos to websites such as All they
need to do is send a hyperlink with their email! The recipient only needs to sign
up to view the photos online or order prints.
If you want to save your recipient the bother of signing up, use a free hosting
service such as
If you have a free Yahoo Email Id, you can use your Id to log in to
Click File Upload and upload any number of photos you want within their storage
limit (which is quite generous). Then, go to File Manager, click through each
photo and carefully note the hyperlink that shows up in your browser's address
Now you're ready to include those hyperlinks with all your emails! Your recipient
can simply click through to view your images. Neat!

3. Don't beat around the bush
Say what you mean, and mean what you say!
If you hate kids, does it matter that the single dad you have been emailing all
week shares your love for gardening and says the most romantic things you ever
heard? And if you can't stand smokers, does it matter that she's prettier than
any woman you ever dated?
Make a list of your key questions and ask them first. Sure, you might offend
some people but most will appreciate your honesty and feel confident about
corresponding with you.

4. Chat for short spells
Chatting is a great way to create some "vibe" before you actually meet. You're
more likely to be honest and say what you really mean, when you aren't worried
about looking good, smelling nice or remembering your table manners.
But keep an eye on your watch, will you? You don't want to spend your entire
weekend staring at the monitor and pounding away at the keyboard. That's the
fastest way to frustration!
Chat for half an hour at most and use email to keep in touch.

5. Cell phone chat Etiquette
If your Instant Messenger indicates that your date is 'mobile', send shorter
messages that can be answered in 1-2 words, for example:
dinner tonight 8 pm? Don't expect your date to chat longer than a few minutes.
Cell phone chatting is pesky and slow. Use it sparingly.

6. Office Id? Use discretion!
Many companies monitor their employee's email correspondence. Don't send
messages that might embarrass your date if discovered, or which might prompt
them to respond in a way that could lead to embarrassment.